Beveridge House in St Andrews is privately owned and is run by its owner Mrs Annabel Gavine.

The house is located at the east end of North Street in St Andrews and is within the town centre situated in an area once known as the Ladyhead. In days gone by this ancient part of St Andrews was where the long gone fishing community and their families lived and worked as it is very close to the old Harbour.

The house is a well established domestic dwelling dating back to the 1700`s and in 1960 the property was competely renovated and extended to the rear.The frontage was preserved as original and hence looks small from the outside,it is similar to most of the houses in the East Neuk (corner) of Fife.

The Cathedral ,also St Andrews Castle and castle beach are 60 metres in opposite directions from Beveridge House and directly across North Street is the Preservation Trust museum ,which houses many artefacts and displays of times gone by.

The old part of the University i.e. the Lower and Upper college Halls, also the Quadrangle, College Gate and Younger Hall, are only a five minute walk from the house.The main shopping centre/restaurants are close by too. All the main golf courses are in easy reach at the West end of North Street.

St Andrews has so many different activities and attractions to suit all ages and Beveridge House being situated in such a unique central location, makes it an ideal base for tourist,business and University related visitors to the town.


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